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All Saints Day

All Saints Day

This Sunday, Nov. 2, is All Saints Day. In the tradition of Christian faith, on All Saints Day we lift up in thanksgiving those who have died during the past year. Please bring a framed picture of anyone you would like to remember and give thanks for on that day.

Choir Retreat

Music Director Deke Polifka will be hosting the 1st St. Luke’s Choir Retreat this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the sanctuary and the Wesley Room. We will be working on upcoming music, outreach programs, and ideas for our choir. The retreat is free and includes lunch. Bring your own breakfast foods for the morning. This is a great time to join the choir!

Bring a Friend

Bring a Friend to church this coming Sunday, October 19th, as St. Luke’s 50th Anniversary celebration continues. Members of The Georgetown University Gospel Choir will sing during worship. After church the festivities continue with lunch, The Second String Bluegrass Band and a mini-walk to benefit St. Luke’s Shelter/Next Step Kitchen as part of the annual Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walkathon. Every Fannie Mae mini-walk requires 15 minutes of some physical activity by the participants. Michael Veltri of DC Aikido has graciously offered to teach 15 minutes of aikido suitable for all age groups and physical conditions. The registration for the mini-walk is $15 for people ages 25 and under, and $25 for those older than 25. All the registration fees benefit St. Luke’s Shelter/Next Step Kitchen.

Architect Meeting

Next Sunday (Oct. 12) after church we will be meeting with Kendall Dorman, the architect we have selected for renovation work at St. Luke’s. Please come to meet with Kendall and to discuss our renovation plans!


Congregational Meeting

A reminder: there will be a congregational meeting after church on Sunday, September 14th to hear and discuss the church council’s recommendations for new directions based on the congregational visioning workshop held in March. All members, friends, visitors and guests are cordially invited to attend. Read on for a summary of the March workshop.

St. Luke’s Congregational Visioning Workshop
March 23, 2003

On Sunday, March 23, St. Luke’s held a special “visioning workshop” to gather ideas for the future of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. About 50 people attended this workshop immediately following an abbreviated church service.

Richard Pyle facilitated the event with help from members of the Church Council. After about an hour of work, the church had come up with over 100 ideas for St. Luke’s. While we may not be able to implement every one of these excellent suggestions, we wanted to share them with you, so you could see what your friends came up with.

There was a great deal of focus on community, and expanding the existing ministries of St. Luke’s. There was a very positive sense expressed of St. Luke’s current strengths and the desire to build on our strengths. There were also many new ideas about how St. Luke’s can make a difference in the world. Most all of the suggestions are listed below.

If you were not able to attend the visioning workshop, but want to add your thoughts and ideas, please write or email them to the church before next Church Council meeting on April 24th.

Community Ministry


    • Provide a respite home for severely disabled children
    • Open a Christian preschool


    • After school tutoring and day care


    • Hire support staff to expand ministry


    • Hire an associate pastor


    • Greater emphasis on encouraging friends to attend


    • Spread the word about St. Luke’s Church to Glover & non-Glover Park residents


    • Have community events (i.e. Pancake suppers)


    • Church should be center of local community


    • Sponsor activities with local schools


    • Literacy program


    • Establish mentoring program with DC schools or other community organizations involving children


    • Continue outreach – youth mentoring program


    • Church should reach out to the community, support critical social issues


    • Have an older adult services ministry


    • Provide transportation for non-driving members


    • A shuttle bus for Sundays


    • Be more active in the community (Jazz, Art)


    • Center for community arts – music concerts, local art exhibits


    • Use St. Luke’s as a community facility for conferences, lectures, open to local use


    • Singles groups, evening concerts


    • Programs for unity with other Christian denominations


    • Inter-church community work (coalitions between denominations)


    • Continue to foster Christian unity by being open to members from differing denominations – sponsor events with other neighborhood Christian churches &


  • Greater connection with the General Board of Church & Society (located in DC) to help educate about UMC social principles


Children’s Ministry


    • Focus on young people


    • Children liturgists


    • Have a children’s show every year


    • More children’s activities


    • More parties


    • Strong youth ministry


    • Vacation Bible School



Homeless Ministry & Shelters


    • Use some of the space in St. Luke’s to create apartments for refugees


    • Safe Haven for homeless refugees


    • Improve the shelter facilities


    • Create a shelter for women


    • Strengthen shelter outreach


    • Homeless outreach to help women and children


    • Teach about homelessness and the causes behind it


    • invest in a fund for affordable housing


    • Get more involved with Habitat for Humanity


    • Build on the mission of the homeless shelter – Next Step Kitchen


    • HIV/AIDS ministry


    • Have more members participate in the AIDS walk


    • Expand ministry/service to disadvantaged people, advocate social change


    • Help the needy



Counseling Ministry


    • Host AA meetings, drug rehabilitation


    • Social services addiction program


    • Reach out to local teens and families with problems


  • Facilitate counseling for teenage drug users – assist getting access to help/service


International Ministry


    • Yearly mission trips to third world countries for service ministry


    • Developing countries outreach


    • Be an International Church: involve local internationals, participate in overseas relief work


    • Sponsor children through CFCA


    • Take mission trips to the poorer areas of the USA for service ministry


    • Global St. Luke’s via Internet – Pictures, sermons, prayers, letters, bulletin board



St. Luke’s Worship


    • More people to join our choir


    • Expand the music ministry


    • Stronger music ministry (3)


    • Make service more contemporary while maintaining the solemnity & older styles of worship


    • Use drama in worship


    • Non-intimidating worship


    • Have communion every week


    • Have special missions offerings (especially during Lent)


    • Give older people an opportunity to serve more


    • Round worship space – less traditional, more open


    • Add more money to the musician salary/choir budget


    • Buy new choir music, anthem music


    • New piano


    • A round worship space


    • Have a pool for baptisms


    • Refurbish piano


    • More centralized worship space – move organ


    • Beautification of Sanctuary





    • Sponsor conferences in music and worship — invite other churches to participate


    • Make St. Luke’s a place of truth and learning


    • Develop a host ministry for United Methodist church youth groups coming to DC to learn about urban issues & United Methodist advocacy


    • Red Cross Training


    • Educational scholarships for workshops


    • Host School of Christian Mission event


    • Church camp scholarships


    • More people at 9:45 am Sunday School


    • Summer Camp for adults


    • Adult summer retreat


    • Bible Camp for children





    • Block party on the church grounds


    • United Methodist Women’s Club


    • Community movies in fellowship hall


    • More group field trips


    • Lots of parties


    • Summer fair



PR, Guest relations & Outreach


    • Visitor/Member info pack


    • Grow membership to sustainable level


    • Resource list/database


    • List/database of “Gifts & Talents” of members


    • Outreach for new members – mailings, invitations to events, open house


    • System for visitors – loaf of bread


    • Have someone partner each guest – make them feel welcome, invite them to coffee hour


    • Media campaign to increase church membership



Church Building, Physical Structure


    • Expand nursery/children’s area and add equipment


    • Expand the Wesley Room kitchen for better fellowship area


    • Build a greenhouse


    • A garden retreat


    • A garden off the Wesley Room


    • Handicap access – Make St. Luke’s accessible


    • Expand the church library


    • Building repair


    • Improve bells


    • Repair Carrillon bells so songs can be played daily


  • Repair deteriorating church infrastructure

Rough start after vacation

Summer has started off with a real bang for me. Last Sunday I started running a 102-103 temperature. I know things were not looking good when i was shivering at the water park at Sea World! I ended up missing my final day of teacher check out and an in-service because i had to go to Dr. Kapoor’s office for fluids and antibiotics twice a day. I went to the doctors office 9 times in 5 days. That has to be some new type of record. i am feeling much better now thanks to some Maxipim, rest and a wonderful family that helped to watch Tait while i was down. These were supposed to be good weeks because i have not had chemo for two weeks now. Oh, well take it as it comes. Going to take Tait to the Flea market and get out of the house for a little while. It is a beautiful day in San Antonio.

After a week of antibiotics, i am feeling great. Had chemo yesterday and the results from my echo-cardiogram were good. My heart is as strong as ever. i guess the difficulty in breathing may be steaming from my weight gain. It has been a busy week as Tait has started swim lessons and we are getting ready for a family reunion at Possum Kingdom Lake. In the middle of all this we celebrated my Mom’s 70th birthday on a dinner river barge downtown. A good time was had by all. Next week we start VBS at church and continue swimming. Is this summer vacation!? Sure feels busy.